Mission: Develop self and others to maximum potential

We are at the vanguard of a scientific revolution in psychology and neuroscience

Synchronizing emotional, behavioral, and physical development, allows us to train our brain (much like we train our bodies) to understand, cope, and overcome Anxiety, OCD, ADHD, Depression, and other issues that prevent us from reaching our maximum potential in life. We don't alter reality, but the "lens" through which we perceive reality. Therefor, giving us a much more accurate picture of ourselves and the world around us. We are then able to find hope, formulate solutions, take action, create opportunities and achieve the life we want. We can't escape pain, suffering, and fear in life. We can learn to cope and overcome. It is then, we realize that everything we want is on the other side of pain, suffering, and fear. Don't give in. Keep going. Reach out! You CAN make it through. Advanced Behavioral Health utilizes the latest techniques in cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, and health technology such as Bioelectromagnetic Alpha-Stim therapy, applications for mobile devices, as well as access to online educational videos and articles.

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Keys to Success

Emotional Health: Develop patterns of thinking to accurately assess circumstance, label and manage emotions, to create an emotional framework that promotes positive wellbeing and life satisfaction

Behavioral Health: Developing actions that synchronize the emotional and physical to create behaviors that promote success while simultaneously eradicating behaviors that are self destructive

Physical Health: Develop self discipline for proper care of the body through nutrition, exercise, and sleep hygiene that will not only combat disease, but promote maximum efficiency, energy and functioning

Advance Behavioral Health: Strategies That Make A Difference