The Key to Success: Happiness

Move beyond the average

The absence of disease is not health

Our formula for success and happiness is out dated and broken. If you work hard, then you will become successful. If you are successful, THEN you will be happy. This broken belief is perpetuated in our schools, businesses, and even our homes. The truth is that happiness, according to the latest research, is a precursor to success (Achor, 2010). Happiness and optimism actually fuel performance and achievement. When our brains are primed for positivity, we are far more motivated and creative which increases productivity and efficiency (Seligman, 2005). 

Physicians tell us that the absence of disease does not equal health. Just because we may not experience symptoms that qualify for a diagnosis, doesn't mean that we are operating at our maximum potential. There is a tremendous difference between merely existing and truly living. Moving people beyond the average and into excellence - that is Advanced Behavioral Health. 

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Authentic Happiness: Using the new positive psychology to realize your potential for lasting fulfillment. MEP Seligman , Simon and Schuster: ©2005.

The Cult of the Average


One thing research has shown us is that when we study groups of people we tend to examine the average. How does the average person perform? What is the average reading speed? What is the average response to a particular stimulus. Then we set goals and rates of progression to that average. What we have not done, until recently, is study what makes some people so far  beyond the average. 

What we are learning is that those individuals develop traits such as resilience, tenacity, and grit. That they have learned how to overcome obstacles such as fear of failure, or the bondage of perfectionism. They have learned how to use stress as an advantage rather than a hinderance. These are just a few things that research has shown to make some people move far beyond the average and achieve their maximum potential.

The good news is that we ALL can learn and develop these skills and techniques. YOU can learn how to unlock the best within you and achieve your maximum potential in life!  

Moving  beyond the average

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